“As a new consulting firm, we set out to be different. We put our focus on securing tailor made consulting services for our clients”

“Our business model of consultancy gives opportunities to every side. For the clients – freedom to choose consultants and approaches of best quality”

“The consultants of SEG Holding are dedicated, diligent and adaptable”.

“We are continuously expanding our group of professionals and independent consultants”

“We are open to anyone and everyone who needs support in achieving their goal for development”

Consulting redefined

When we began operations in 2014 we endeavored to take the finest from the traditional market of consultancy and external consultants with the ambition to evolve a new, flexible model of consulting services.

Our services & what we do

SEG Holding is a management and consultancy firm which works with many different companies and organizations, not just in Macedonia, but in the neighboring countries as well, such as Kosovo, Albania and Serbia. 
SEG Holding seeks to work with clients who need our support and expertise by offering them a new consultancy model with “tailor-made” approach designed after the client’s needs. 


Possibilities for consultants

Our consultants give their best. In order to achieve this, consultants get full technical and administrative support, and are encouraged to be independent and always strive to achieve a tailor-made consultancy for every client and their needs. All consultants are prepared for each project and encouraged to keep an open mind, apply sophisticated analysis, and let the data lead them and their teams to the insights and solutions that offer the greatest benefit for our clients. 


Latest news

Покана за учество на консултативен состанок со Град Скопје

Консултативен состанок со граѓанските организации на територија на град Скопје за изработка на Стратегија за соработка на Град Скопје со граѓанските организации со Акционен план (2019-2021).


Social Responsibility

What is social responsibility? Being social responsible means that people and organizations must behave ethically and with sensitivity toward social, cultural, economic and environmental issues. Striving for social responsibility helps individuals, organizations and governments have a positive impact on development, business and society with positive contribution to bottom-line results

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Our Clients

Versatility is important to us. Here in SEG Holding we work with many different companies and organizations that need our support and expertise in order to achieve their goals for development. 

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Address: Boul. Sv. Kliment Ohridski 58b/2-4, 1000, Skopje, Macedonia