“As a new consulting firm, we set out to be different. We put our focus on securing tailor made consulting services for our clients”

“Our business model of consultancy gives opportunities to every side. For the clients – freedom to choose consultants and approaches of best quality”

“The consultants of SEG Holding are dedicated, diligent and adaptable”.

“We are continuously expanding our group of professionals and independent consultants”

“We are open to anyone and everyone who needs support in achieving their goal for development”



Our clients include the business sector, civil sector, central and local government, public enterprises, informal initiatives. We are open to anyone and everyone who needs support in achieving the goal for development and in the meantime behaves responsibly towards human resources and the environment that they work in.  



- Economic sector

- Market, competition and regulation

- Economic integration and creating politics

- Development cooperation

- Trade, industry and (domestic and foreign)  investments

- Research, innovations and entrepreneurship

- Sustainable development, civic responsibilities of enterprises

- Social sector

- Multicultural cooperation, strengthening of communities and interethnic cooperation

- Youth and education

- Social entrepreneurship

- Strengthening of the labor market

- Social inclusion and employment

- Social society

- International development

Geographic range

SEG Holding works in Macedonia, Kosovo, Albania and if required in other countries in the region and beyond. 

Working with us

All of our clients appreciate the fact that we carefully listen to their needs and because of that we have a large number of consultants at our disposal and we work in many sectors, we can easily find a tailor-made approach with which we will satisfy their needs. Our clients appreciate our pragmatism and our complete dedication in securing values for them. 

Statements of clients for SEG Holding 

There is no argument, said – done. Because of their support we conducted a great project for the renovation of my slaughterhouse. Now I am amongst the leading slaughterhouses in Kosovo by market share and profit

I was especially pleased by the tailor-made approach, we were able to choose a consultant matched to our needs and at the same time we received regular advice from the people of SEG Holding. With their support and the support from the consultant, we selected the best solution for conducting the EU project and during that time we received advice

We heard them at one training, and then decided that we want additionally tailor-made trainings exactly from them. The trainers were quite flexible and the trainings were exactly what we needed

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