“As a new consulting firm, we set out to be different. We put our focus on securing tailor made consulting services for our clients”

“Our business model of consultancy gives opportunities to every side. For the clients – freedom to choose consultants and approaches of best quality”

“The consultants of SEG Holding are dedicated, diligent and adaptable”.

“We are continuously expanding our group of professionals and independent consultants”

“We are open to anyone and everyone who needs support in achieving their goal for development”


Our consultants

SEG Holding, despite the internal expertise that it possesses, collaborates with external consultants. All consultants have experience and references of working in a certain sector. All of them must possess practical experience in a certain industry. They are dedicated, diligent and adaptable. This is why our clients want to work with us (and them) again.  

Our project

SEG Holding works with enterprises, civil organizations, state and local self-governments, informal initiatives. We have delivered over 100 projects in the area of mobilization of funds, management, strategic council, delivering trainings, researches as well as facilitation.  

Working with us

If you want to work with us, you need to have quality, be dedicated to the task, available to the client at any time and honest with all the included parties. On the other hand, you will keep you independence and you will also receive complete administrative and strategic support for delivering the services. With SEG Holding you get the opportunity to be a part of a modern, multi-cultural team with high integrity and quality.

Statement of the consultants for SEG Holding

People who hold to their word, who possess immense knowledge of the consulting business and possess an innovative business module. I, as a consultant, can apply on a certain work or they reach out to me, with previously defined obligations and right. In addition, they provide regular support in the communication with the clients who receive complete service and ask for a second collaboration. This is why I am proud to be a part of the SEG Holding team

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